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Language Name Name source
EnglishCorsica Channel DriftsRoveri, M. (2002). Sediment drifts of the Corsica Channel, northern Tyrrhenian Sea, in: Stow, D.A.V. et al. (Ed.) (2002). Deep-water contourite systems: Modern drifts and ancient series, seismic and sedimentary characteristics. Geological Society Memoir, 22: pp. 191-208 (look up in IMIS)   
PlaceType Drift 
Latitude 42° 49' 43.7" N (42.82881519°)  
Longitude 9° 49' 18.8" E (9.82187953°)  
Min. Lat 42° 36' 47.3" N (42.6131°)  
Min. Long 9° 40' 46.6" E (9.6796°)  
Max. Lat 42° 56' 58.4" N (42.9496°)  
Max. Long 9° 56' 52" E (9.9478°)  
Source Reed, D. L., et al. (1987). Contourite sedimentation in an intraoceanic forearc system: eastern Sunda Arc, Indonesia. Marine Geology 76(3-4): 223-242. (look up in IMIS)
Notes Maximum age (en): Middle Pliocene    
Coordinate information (en): Coordinates redefined in 2014. These coordinates represent the centroid and the bounding box of the polygon from the shapefile.    
Drift type (en): Elongated mounded and separated Drift    
Mean contourite type (en): Silty-muddy    
Part of  La Pianosa CDS (Contourite Depositional System)  [view hierarchy]   
Influenced by  Levantine Intermediate Water (Water mass)  [view hierarchy]   
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