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Status Proposed standard Proposed standard
Language Name Name source
EnglishCosmonaut Sea Drift   
PlaceType Drift 
Latitude 65° 53' 32.9" S (-65.89246421°)  
Longitude 48° 2' 52.9" E (48.04801726°)  
Min. Lat 68° 54' 59.2" S (-68.9164°)  
Min. Long 34° 41' 53.8" E (34.6983°)  
Max. Lat 63° 12' 10.8" S (-63.203°)  
Max. Long 61° 29' 35.8" E (61.4933°)  
Source B. Kuvaas, Y. Kristoffersen, J. Guseva, G. Leitchenkov, V. Gandjukhin, O. Løvås, M. Sand, H. Brekke (2005). Input of glaciomarine sediments along the East Antarctic continental margin: depositional processes on the Cosmonaut Sea continental slope and rise and a regional acoustic stratigraphic correlation from 40°W to 80°E. Marine Geophysical Research, 25 (2005), pp. 247–263 (look up in IMIS)
Notes Drift type (en): Plastered    
Part of  Cosmonauts Sea (Sea)  [view hierarchy]   
Influenced by  Antarctic Circumpolar Current (Current)  [view hierarchy]   
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