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Status has preferred alternative Gulf of Saint Lawrence (IHO Sea Area) Synonym
Language Name Name source
EnglishGulf of St. LawrenceCanadian Geographical Names Database (CGND)   
PlaceType Gulf 
Latitude 46° 30' 0.2" N (46.500069°)  
Longitude 61° 29' 57.4" W (-61.499271°)  
Source Canadian Geographical Names Database (CGND), available online at
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Part of  Canadian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)  [view hierarchy]   
Adjacent to  Prince Edward Island (Province (administrative))  [view hierarchy]   
Adjacent to  Quebec (Province (administrative))  [view hierarchy]   
Adjacent to  Nova Scotia (Province (administrative))  [view hierarchy]   
Adjacent to  New Brunswick (Province (administrative))  [view hierarchy]   
Adjacent to  Island of Newfoundland (Island)  [view hierarchy]   
Has preferred alternative  Gulf of Saint Lawrence (IHO Sea Area)  [view hierarchy]   
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