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Status Proposed standard Proposed standard
Language Name Name source
EnglishMackay-Bennett KnollIHO-IOC GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names   
PlaceType Knoll(s) 
Latitude 41° 21' 0" N (41.35°)  
Longitude 48° 57' 0" W (-48.95°)  
Source IHO-IOC GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names, available online at
Notes GEBCO: associated meeting, proposer and year of proposal (en): Proposer: Alan Ruffman, Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names (CANOMA). Year of proposal: 1991.    
GEBCO: discoverer and year of discovery (en): History: Named from the Canadian cable ship "Mackay-Bennett". On April 18, 1912, three days after R.M.S. "Titanic"'s collision with the iceberg, the "Mackay-Bennett" left Halifax with clergymen and embalmers in search of victims. It was called a funeral s    
Part of  North Atlantic Ocean (IHO Sea Area)  [view hierarchy]   
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