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Status Proposed standard Proposed standard
Language Name Name source
EnglishBrine-enriched Shelf WaterAagaard, K., Swift, J. H., & Carmack, E. C. (1985). Thermohaline circulation in the Arctic Mediterranean seas. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 90(C3), 4833-4846.   
PlaceType Water mass 
Source Rebesco, M., Özmaral, A., Urgeles, R., Accettella, D., Lucchi, R. G., Rüther, D., ... & Hanebuth, T. J. (2016). Evolution of a high-latitude sediment drift inside a glacially-carved trough based on high-resolution seismic stratigraphy (Kveithola, NW Barents Sea). Quaternary Science Reviews, 147, 178-193. (look up in IMIS)
Part of  Norwegian Sea (IHO Sea Area)  [view hierarchy]   
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