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Status Proposed standard Proposed standard
Language Name Name source
EnglishNorth Adriatic Deep WaterSidoti, O., Zagami, G., Granata, A., Brancato, G., Guglielmo, L., & Campolmi, M. (2001). Distribution and Ecology of Mesozooplankton in the Northern and Central Adriatic Sea. In Mediterranean Ecosystems (pp. 181-190). Springer, Milano.   
PlaceType Water mass 
Source Foglini, F., Campiani, E., & Trincardi, F. (2016). The reshaping of the South West Adriatic Margin by cascading of dense shelf waters. Marine Geology, 375, 64-81. (look up in IMIS)
Part of  Adriatic Sea (IHO Sea Area)  [view hierarchy]   
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