MarineRegions Exclusive Economic Zones now featured as essential map on

Added on 2021-05-04 13:51:22 by Tavernier, Annelies
An important dataset from MarineRegions (LifeWatch Belgium) is integrated in and helps to improve the experience of millions of users on a monthly basis.
Ever since the Ever Given incident, MarineTraffic needs no introduction. Chances are you have taken a look yourself to check the status of the unfortunate ship in the Suez Canal. MarineTraffic displays the movement of over 550.000 vessels worldwide, based on their Automatic Identification System (AIS) signals. The website attracts millions of users on a monthly basis. Since March 31st, these vessel locations can also be plotted against the global Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs), a dataset provided by MarineRegions. This dataset, which was originally published in 2006, is currently already in its 11th version and visualises the oceans and seas belonging to coastal states. The EEZ dataset and its derived products are increasingly being adopted by a wide range of users, from researchers over industry to journalists. The display of these boundaries in MarineTraffic significantly enhances the analysis possibilities for the MarineTraffic users and enables geofencing of vessels to all those areas.
Find here more about MarineRegions and MarineTraffic.

Source image: MarineTraffic


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