This tutorial assumes you are using any Microsoft Windows Operating System with Office 2010 (32 or 64bit) installed

Step 1: Enable the developer tab in Excel

Start Excel, click on File, options and choose "Customize Ribbon". Then check the "Developer" checkbox in the right column.

Show the developer ribbon

Step 2: Add a reference to Microsoft Office Soap Type Library 3.0

Open Visual Basic by going to the first option on the developer tab on the Ribbon.


In Visual Basic, go to Tools > References.
Scroll down the list of libraries and pick 'Microsoft Office Soap Type Library 3.0'


If not found, click 'Browse' and select 'MSSOAP30.DLL' located in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Office 14' (or similar, depending on your installation)


Step 3: Create a Visual Basic module using the Visual basic Editor

Add this piece of code by choosing Insert->Module. Copy this code into your Excel VBA module

Public Sub getGazetteerRecordsByMRGIDs()
  'call the webservice
  Dim SoapClient As SoapClient30
  Set SoapClient = New SoapClient30
  Dim WSDLPath As String
  WSDLPath = ""
  Call SoapClient.MSSoapInit(par_WSDLFile:=WSDLPath)

  'get MRGID value from cell
  Dim MRGID As Range
  Set MRGID = Worksheets("ByMRGID").Range("A5:A155")
  ' clear values from last request
  ' generate title row
    Const length As Integer = 15
    Dim Arr(length)
    Arr(1) = "MRGID"
    Arr(2) = "preferredGazetteerName"
    Arr(3) = "preferredGazetteerNameLang"
    Arr(4) = "placeType"
    Arr(5) = "latitude"
    Arr(6) = "longitude"
    Arr(7) = "minLatitude"
    Arr(8) = "maxLatitude"
    Arr(9) = "minLongitude"
    Arr(10) = "maxLongitude"
    Arr(11) = "precision"
    Arr(12) = "gazetteerSource"
    Arr(13) = "status"
    Arr(14) = "accepted"

  Dim Destination As Range
  Set Destination = Range("A2")
  Set Destination = Destination.Resize(1, UBound(Arr))
  Destination.Value = Arr
  'start output from row 3
  Dim Row As Integer
  Row = 3
  'get all the MRGID's in the A column
  For Each cell In MRGID
    'if cell is not empty
     If Len(cell.Value) > 0 Then
            Dim Item As Variant
            Dim i As Integer
            i = 0
            'loop the fields of the SoapClient
            For Each Item In SoapClient.getGazetteerRecordByMRGID(cell.Value)
              If i = 0 Then
                'check if the field is on the right spot and fill the cell
                    If Item.BaseName = Cells(2, i + 1) Then
                       Cells(Row, i + 1) = Item.Text
                        For f = i + 1 To length
                            thing = Cells(2, f)
                            If Item.BaseName = thing Then
                                Cells(Row, f) = Item.Text
                            End If
                         Next f
                    End If
              End If
              i = i + 1
            Row = Row + 1

       Exit For
    End If
  Set SoapClient = Nothing
End Sub

Then close the VB Editor.

Step 3: Using the function in Excel

You can now link the function getGazetteerRecordsByMRGIDs to a button located in the "developer" tab, selecting "Insert" and button under "form controls".
You can then right click the button and click "assign a macro..."
Select the macro getGazetteerRecordsByMRGIDs and click ok.


The result should be something like this:


Download this example.

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