Updates of Maritime Boundaries derived products: The Intersection with IHO Areas and The Union with the World Countries

Added on 2020-03-24 10:11:35 by Fernandez, Salvador launches the version 4 of the intersect of the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) and IHO sea areas & the version 3 of the union of world country boundaries and EEZ's
Not just one, but two products of Marine Regions have been updated based on the last version 11 of the Maritime Boundaries:
  • The version 4 of the Intersection product incorporates the last updates of the Maritime Boundaries Exclusive Economic Zones to the IHO Areas v3 (IHO. 1953). The strength of this product is the combination of both the environmental and the managerial factor. Click here to download...
  • The version 3 of the Union of the Country Boundaries and Exclusive Economic Zones merge together these two administrative areas. The countries are based on the ESRI world country database, modified by the MarineRegions Team to meet our standards. Click here to download...
You can find further information about the development of these products following this link below.


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