Maritime Boundaries (latest version)

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Maritime Boundaries (older versions)

Maritime Boundaries v11

Maritime Boundaries v10

Maritime Boundaries v9

World EEZ older versions

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IHO Sea Areas

Global Oceans and Seas

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Marineregions: intersect of EEZs and IHO areas

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Marine and land zones: the union of world country boundaries and EEZ's

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UNESCO World Heritage Marine Sites

FAO Fishing Areas

Large Marine Ecosystems of the World

Longhurst Provinces

ICES Ecoregions

ICES Statistical areas

ICES Statistical rectangles

ICES Statistical subrectangles

IOS Zooplankton Regions

OSPAR Boundaries and Regions

Marine Ecoregions of the World, MEOW (Spalding et al., 2007)

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Freshwater Ecoregions of the World, FEOW (The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund, Inc., 2008)

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Continental margins between 140m and 3500m depth (IFREMER - COMARGE, 2009)

The SeaVoX Salt and Fresh Water Body Gazetteer

Statistics on Marbound and IHO (Costello et al., 2011)

TDWG Geography shapefiles

  • More information and the shapefiles can be found on Kew GIS Unit
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GEBCO Gazetteer of undersea feature names

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General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO)

  • More information and the grid files can be found on
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ETOPO1 Global Relief Model

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The NAFO Convention Area

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Terrestrial Ecoregional Boundaries Shapefile (TNC)

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Global contourite distribution Shapefile

Emission Control Areas (ECAs)