Yearly integration of new GEBCO, ACUF and New Zealand features completed

Added on 2020-09-28 16:00:36 by Lonneville, Britt
Marine Regions has finished its annual integration of new features from the GEBCO, ACUF and New Zealand gazetteers.
Marine Regions performs a yearly comparison of its gazetteer to other authoritative gazetteers in order to keep it up to date. This year, this has resulted in the addition of 231 new features, originating from the GEBCO (140 new features), ACUF (22 new features) and New Zealand (69 new features) gazetteers. Always wondered where Griep Seamount, Agligadak Canyon or Dromedary Platform were located? Search no more!

To see all integrated features of the ACUF, New Zealand or GEBCO gazetteer, follow the links.

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