Coordination and data management team

The coordination, data and IT management of Marine regions is carried out by the Flanders Marine Institute. You can contact us at People involved are:

Collaboration Agreement

Marine regions interacts with the user community through the establishment of Collaboration Agreements. Marine Regions depends on data and knowledge sharing from global, European, regional and national data providers and relevant experts. In turn data providers should benefit from belonging to the Marine Regions partnership as they would get increased visibility, gain access to a variety of data analysis services which will benefit from integration of several distributed spatial datasets, as well as enjoying the benefit of the creation of stable unique identifiers. The Collaboration Agreement would also foster a sense of ownership amongst the partners. An example template of a Collaboration Agreement can be found here. Please contact if your organisation is interested to explore this collaboration.


Marine regions works with an editorial board, responsible for the content and quality control of the data. We have editors that are responsible for the content of a specific source and the update of that source within Marine Regions, and regional editors that are in charge of a specific geographic area. You can apply for membership by sending your contact details, interest and proposed contribution

Working groups