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Status Proposed standard Proposed standard
Language Name Name source
EnglishWaddington BaySCAR Composite Gazetteer   
SpanishWaddington, BahíaSCAR Composite Gazetteer   
PlaceType Bay 
Latitude 65° 16' 0" S (-65.2666667°)  
Longitude 64° 5' 0" W (-64.0833333°)  
Source SCAR Composite Gazetteer, available online at
Notes Belgica information (en): Bay 2 mi long, in a NW-SE direction, and 1 mi wide, indenting the W coast of Graham Land immediately N of Cape Tuxen. This bay is partially defined on the charts of the BelgAE, 1897-99, under Gerlache. It was more fully delineated by the FrAE, 1908-10, under Charcot, who named it for Senator Waddington, president of the Chamber of Commerce at Rouen.    
Part of  Graham Land (Peninsula)  [view hierarchy]   
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