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     E. Africa Coastal Province (Longhurst Province)
     E. India Coastal Province (Longhurst Province)
     E3-vijver (Pond)
     Eadie Island (Island)
     Eadie, isla (Island)
     EAFR (Longhurst Province)
     Eagle Cove (Cove)
     Eagle Island (Island)
     Eagle Island (Island)
     Eagle River (River)
     Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary (Protected Area)
     Eagle, Caleta (Cove)
     Eaglehawk Neck (Isthmus)
     Ealing (Borough)
     Ealing Broadway (Ward)
     Ealing Common (Ward)
     Earhart Seamount (Seamount(s))
     Earl Dalhousie Bank (Tablemount)
     Earl`s Court (Ward)
     Earle Island (Island)
     Earlsfield (Ward)
     Early Islands (Archipelago)
     Earn (Stream)
     Earthwatch Seamount (Seamount(s))
     East (Ward)
     East Açores Fracture Zone (Fracture Zone)
     East Acton (Ward)
     East Adare Ridge (Ridge)
     East Adare Ridge (Ridge) Deleted replaced by East Adare Ridge
     East Aegean Is. (TDWG - level 3)
     East Aegean Is. (TDWG - level 4) Synonym synonym of East Aegean Is.
     East Aegean Islands (Archipelago)
     East Africa (General Region)
     East African Coral Coast (Marine Ecoregion of the World (MEOW))
     East African Rift Valley (Valley)
     East Agulhas Plateau drift (Drift)
     East Alboran Basin (Basin)
     East Alborán Basin (Basin)
     East America (General Region)
     East American Coast (Coast)
     East Anglia (Region)
     East Antarctic Dronning Maud Land (Marine Ecoregion of the World (MEOW))
     East Antarctic Enderby Land (Marine Ecoregion of the World (MEOW))
     East Antarctic Ice Edge (Continental Margin)
     East Antarctic Indian (Abyssal Provinces)
     East Antarctic Wilkes Land (Marine Ecoregion of the World (MEOW))
     East Antarctica (Antarctic Conservation Biogeographic Region)
     East Antarctica (General Region)
     East Arm (Bay)
     East Arm (Archipelago)
     East Asia (General Region)
     East Atka Canyon (Canyon(s))
     East Atlantic (General Sea Area)
     East Atlantic Subarctic Intermediate Water (Water mass)
     East Australia (General Region)
     East Australian Basin (Basin)
     East Australian Coastal Province (Longhurst Province)
     East Aves Escarpment (Escarpment)
     East Ayrshire (Unitary Authority)
     East Azores (General Region)
     East Azores Fracture Zone (Fracture Zone)
     East Babeldaob Ridge (Ridge)
     East Bank (Bank)
     East Bank (Bank)
     East Bank (Bank)
     East Bar (Shoal)
     East Barnet (Ward)
     East Bay (Bay)
     East Bay (Bay)
     East Bay (Bay)
     East Bear Point Ledge (Shoal)
     East Berbice-Corentyne (Region)
     East Bering Sea (Large Marine Ecosystem)
     East Black Sea Escarpment (Escarpment)
     East Bogoslof Canyon (Canyon(s))
     East Branch Cuyahoga River (River)
     East Branch Piscataquis River (River)
     East Brazil Shelf (Large Marine Ecosystem)
     East Breaks Valley (Submarine valley(s))
     East Breakwater Bank (Bank)
     East Britain (General Region)
     East Budd Island (Island)
     East Bull (Rock)
     East Bull (Rock)
     East Burren Complex (Natura 2000 Site of Community Importance (SCI, EU Habitats Directive))
     East Caithness Cliffs (Natura 2000 Special Protection Area (SPA, EU Birds Directive))
     East Caithness Cliffs (Natura 2000 Site of Community Importance (SCI, EU Habitats Directive))
     East Canary Islands (General Region) Synonym synonym of Las Palmas
     East Cape (Light(house))
     East Cape (Cape)
     East Cape (Cape)
     East Cape Canyon (Trough)
     East Cape Ridge (Ridge)
     East Cape Scenic Reserve (Protected Area)
     East Cape Trough (Trough)
     East Caroline Basin (Basin)
     East Caroline Islands (Marine Ecoregion of the World (MEOW))
     East Caroline Plateau (Rise)
     East Central Australian Shelf (Large Marine Ecosystem)
     East Central Australian Shelf (Marine Province)
     East China Sea (IHO Sea Area)

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